Testimonials From Past Clients

The following are just a handful or real testimonials from past clients that I helped with a reverse mortgage. I hope to add yours here as well.  All testimonials are on file at my office as required by law.

When we first met Matt he was thoughtful and helpful. I have a lot of respect for him. I am grateful for being treated with respect and not being looked down upon for the financial situation we were in. He was like a guardian angel at a time when we really needed help and needed someone to trust. We would recommend Matt to anyone that is thinking about getting a reverse mortgage, especially if you want someone honest and caring, someone that will go out of their way to help.
Ron and Evelyn M.

My husband and I are in our late 60’s and still working. We didn’t plan very well and time slipped away and now we are wanting to retire but we have two car payments. Also my husbands hands are wearing out and he is a mechanic so that is not a good thing. We thought we would never be able to retire but we consulted with out financial advisor and he mentioned a reverse mortgage. The person he referred us to was Matt Allen. What a lucky day that was. Thanks to Matt Allen we now have peace of mind with out reverse mortgage and moving forward with out senior years.
Sam and Pam C.

Matt, I just came in from our community holiday bazar followed by dinner at a local restaurant. Without the reverse mortgage, I wouldn’t have been able to treat myself to an evening out as my Social Security didn’t leave me much after paying my mortgage. Thanks for getting me through the process.
Jacqueline S.

Ultimately, your responsiveness to my questions and concerns proved invaluable to helping me to make the best decision for my particular circumstances. All told, I felt you went above and beyond my expectations of what a lender would be willing to do for a client. Above all, your warmth, enthusiasm, and good humor made you a genuine pleasure to work with.
Sandra S

My husband and I lost a large portion of our retirement money in the market crash fo 2008 and being in our late sixties at this time of life we needed more monthly income to make ends meet. We were house rich and money challenged. We were given the suggestion to do a reverse mortgage and asked a well respected realtor for a recommendation. Matt Allen came highly recommended and we felt very comfortable with him taking us through the process. We now have access to tax free money that enhances our lifestyle. It has helped relieve a lot of stress.
Gary and Lorene G.

I was referred to Matt from my financial planner, who gave Matt a positive recommendation. I understand why. Matt does business in a totally transparent way, so that I could understand each step of the process. He has always been available both during and after the completion. If you are about honesty, integrity and transparency, Matt is who you should talk to.
Sugeet P.

We had a situation and went to Matt Allen to talk about it. He was very professional, he listened, and we went through all of the different scenarios for a reverse mortgage. He was very thorough and really put us at ease with the whole process. He made it all very simple and never felt like he was trying to sell us something or trying to just get some business from us. We are very happy with we went with Matt Allen, we strongly recommend him. Our reverse mortgage has definitely put our daily financial problems at ease.
Tom and Deborah K.

We would like to thank Matt Allen for their professional service in regards to initiating and timely closing of our reverse mortgage. During the process, Matt went out of his way to assist us in a couple of areas that needed his personal attention. We again thank all involved and highly recommend Matt Allen.
Arnold and Jeanne T. 

Working with Matt Allen was a pleasure. Matt made it very easy for me to understand what was going on. Any questions put to him would be answered to our satisfaction. Thank you for being so kind.
Jody F. 

Matt and the mortgage team were all wonderful and helpful. I would refer them to anyone wanting a mortgage. I thank them all for being the best mortgage loan service I have ever had.
Gloria D.

We were directed to Matt Allen and it was an excellent choice. Matt walked us thru each step with extreme knowledge and professionalism. As with any mortgage, issues arise and with Matt’s help and direction we completed the process in a timely manner. It is a great feeling to know out home is ours until we choose differently. You won’t regret having Matt walk you through the process. Thanks Matt for an awesome experience.
David and Rozanne S. 

Matt was recommended to me by the manager of my local bank. Cyndy and I were completely satisfied by Matt’s services. HIs follow through was first rate and it’s clear Matt is experienced and know a great deal about reverse mortgages. He was also helpful in advising us towards having a glitch-free appraisal. I’m the kind of guy that asks lots of questions, and Matt was impeccable patient. He’s first rate.
Stephen and Cyndy G. 

I had the pleaseure of working with Matt Allen to attain my reverse mortgage. Matt took the time to explain in detail the advantages of a reverse mortgage and answered all o fmy questions with great patience and knowledge. He simplified what could be a very overwhelming process.

I met the perfect scenario for getting a reverse mortgage. I a single. 64 year old femal who had a tremendous amount of equity in my home. Last year I had some health issues that forced me to use a large amount of ‘my nest egg’ funds. Bills continues to mount and by the end of the month I found myself with little extra money. A friend mentioned I should explore  reverse mortgage to help stabilize my financial situation.

I read everything available about a reverse mortgage, including Matt’s book (which was very helpful). I researched a Home Equity Loan as well. I found the reverse mortgage would allow me income to pay off outstanding bills. It would allow me to take a wonderful overseas trip and it provided a means to end the incredible stress of my financial situation. Additionally, since I have no heirs. and my estate is basically set up to assist animal rescue organizations, I thought why not enjoy some of that money now!

Matt was very helpful in preparing me for what I would need to before having a home inspection. He made a person visit to my home and pointed out what I would need to do before inspection. The entire process went smoothly and Matt stayed in touch during each step of the way.

If you are considering a reverse mortgage, I would highly recommend Matt Allen. He is professional, easy to work with and always available to answer any questions.
Melanie R.

Matt is great to work with. He was detailed oriented to explain all about my reverse mortgage. He came highly recommended and I could see why in the few minutes after we met. Matt is awesome. I have referred other people and will continue to. Two thumbs up!
Sharon W.

When we were looking for information regarding reverse mortgages, a local banker gave us Matt Allen’s card. From our first interview where Matt determined if we even qualify, to the final signing of papers, Matt stayed in touch and kept us informed as to what would happen next. Since we knew nothing about reverse mortgages, Matt explained each step patiently until we felt we understood the process and he made it so simple. We are thankful that we met Matt Allen.
Jim and Ann M. 

When we began our journey into the work of reverse mortgages, we had no idea what to expect. Had we not been lucky enough to run into Matt Allen, we fear it would have been a disaster. The pitfalls we many, however, Matt was there with guidance along the way. He fought the battles, calmed our nerves, and in the process became our mentor. We are so thankful for his help, knowledge, and assurance.
Vince and Ann A. 

We had a pleasant, easy transition from having to make a house payment to going to having extra money left over at the end of the month. All the steps were explained and made easy to realize our dream of staying in our home without worry of losing the income of my spouse.
Christina W.

I’m 87 years old and Matt Allen helped me to purchase a new home with a reverse mortgage. He went out of his way to be patient, he was kind, knowledgeable, worked very hard to make sure I understood everything. He was always prompt with returning phone calls and answering questions, and made me feel safe and comfortable that the process was being handled correctly. I would definitely use him again and would highly recommend him to others.
Elaine P. 

Matt walked us thru the reverse mortgage process in an easy and efficient manner. At all stages he kept us informed and easily helped us overcome any and all obstacle. Matt is easy going and friendly person who take the time to get to know his clients. Matt becomes a friend and we are more than happy to recommend him to our friends and family, knowing that they will receive outstanding service.
Bert and Maryann B. 

I highly recommend Matt to anyone looking to get a reverse mortgage. I recently went through this process and throughout, Matt was always professional, knowledgeable, and most importantly, accessible.
Greg R. 

I want to thank you for all you did to get my application for a reverse mortgage approved. You really want above the call of duty to help me through the process. Without your extra effort, I don’t think I would have made it. Thank You!
Sue W. 

In our pursuit of a reverse mortgage, we were given the name of Matt Allen. On meeting with him we found him to be very personable and he helped greatly with all of the complexities of securing a reverse mortgage. All in all, we would highly recommend Matt as he is very knowledgeable and professional in his relationship with clients.
Robert and Joann P.

I would recommend Matt Allen to anyone looking to get a reverse mortgage. He is very helpful and explained the reverse mortgage very thoroughly. Sometimes a reverse mortgage is hard to understand and he went out of his way to help and explain all of our questions. I would definitely recommend Matt is you are looking into a reverse mortgage. I am very happy with the way my reverse mortgage turned out and thank you Matt.
Mike N. 

I recently did a reverse mortgage with Matt Allen and Matt really made it much easier that I was expecting. I felt very comfortable with Matt and he was able to answer all of my questions, some before I even asked them. Matt really knows the process and wasn’t hesitant to double check anything he wasn’t 100% sure of. The reverse mortgage I got through him will go a long way towards helping me enjoy my retirement. I’m really glad that I worked with Matt on this and have already recommended him to my friends.
Dave B. 

Matt Allen is one of the best people I have ever met and/or dealt with. He is kind, considerate, respectful and thoughtful. He is very knowledgeable in his field of work and goes the extra mile throughout the loan process. I would absolute recommend him to anyone wanting to learn anything and everything about reverse mortgage and also for help through the process of obtaining one. Matt was always prompt in returning phone calls and obtaining requested information which is a big plus in dealing with any business. The mortgage loan process can be daunting and difficult task. Matt made it a breeze, he is the man I recommend, you will be glad you did.
John F. 

We would recommend Matt Allen to anyone who asks “Who should we use for a reverse mortgage” He worked hard to get our loan through quickly.
Virginia P. and Bill T.

Matt went beyond the usual process, never gave up, and was continually helpful and encouraging. If we ever needed to make another purchase, Matt would be the only one we would call. He is a man of integrity and ability, to put our home purchase together. A good family man and father, guiding his children well. Our highest recommendation, is putting your purchase in Matt’s hands.
Don and Robin W. 

Matt has the knowledge of a scholar on reverse mortgage and the patience of a saint. When another loan officer said it couldn’t be done, Matt won it in quick time. Two years ago he advised me against it. Two years later my situation changed and he made it happen.
Eleanor C.

Matt created a warm comfortable relationship in our efforts to the complete the reverse mortgage process. We felt as if Matt cared about us, using cautious, but encouraging words of information. We sensed Matt’s knowledge in this process and felt assured that he would not have led us along without feeling it was the right move for us.
Brad and Trudy D. 

We would like to bring to your attention how much Matt Allen helped us with our reverse mortgage.

We sat down with him and explained upfront that once he put his packet together we would want to show it to our financial broker and our accountant. We the papers to out accountant first and he said is wasn’t a good idea for us. So we called Matt and told him we were going to wait until we could check this out further. He said he thoroughly understood. I want the two of you to be comfortable with doing a reverse mortgage.

We went to our financial broker and explained to he what we had done because he was the one that recommended we do this. He got on the phone with Matt for at least a half hour and he filled out a legal sheet of paper with questions we had and got all of the answers. We took all of this information to our accountant so he better understood what were wanting to do.

With all of our questions and concerns answered we called Matt and told him to go ahead with the reverse mortgage for us.

We know this is a long letter but we just wanted you to know what an 83 year old couple put Matt through. He was patient with us when we went to sign papers. Matt explained every form so that we understood what we were signing. We would highly recommend him to anyone wanting to do a reverse mortgage.
John and Charlotte B

Thank you Matt Allen for shepherding me through my lengthy reverse mortgage process. Ultimately, your responsiveness to my questions and concerns proved invaluable to helping me make the best decision for my particular circumstances. All told, I felt you went well above and beyond my expectations and what a lender would be willing to do for a client. Above all, your warmth, enthusiasm, and good humor made you a genuine pleaser to work with. When all is said and done, it was these qualities that sealed the deal in deciding to go with you. I have not regretted it.
Sandra S.